Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves

WOW. Yesterday was incredible!!!

So cool to see so many people show up and hear about how PATIENT Jesus is.

Yesterday was not only an awesome experience for me because of the size/fruit of the group but also the questions that came to me about the quality and unity of our team. 

Seeing THAT MANY people show up at service really helped me to see some possible weaknesses in our crew and potential areas that we MUST bolster before we get to the next level. 

So I really want to challenge you today to reflect. Not out of shame but out of the possibility of what could be. I believe in what Jesus wants to do in and through us. 

So my question to you is: ARE YOU READY? 

Like... Who's Really Ready? 

Are you sure you're ready to grow as a group? 

Most people like the idea of growth but when it actually comes to putting in the work they walk away. 

Are you a walker or a worker? 

I'm wondering who's really ready to impact our city? 

Not in a flashy, microwaved form of growth but a seasoned, patient, committed, and obedient type of teamwork. 

Looking at last night I thought of FIVE AREAS where I want to just merely ask you questions that you can reflect on in the comfort of your home regarding growth as a team. 

I'm choosing to challenge you because I believe in us and know that we have to individually take more responsibility if we want to grow. Don't hear my words and be discouraged but rather believe in bigger things to come realizing that we gotta make some changes to get there.  

1. Pre-Service Sacrifice.

Any athlete knows that what they do “off the field” is just as important, if not more important than “what they do on the field.” Do you realize that you CAN make a difference on our team and that will come through the sacrifice of trusting God?

 Are you willing to make sacrifices outside of service to enhance our team?

Are you willing to make sacrifices in order to spend time with God?

Are you willing to meet with students outside of service?

Are you willing to invite new people to be leaders?

Are you willing to show up on time, carrying an expectant/encouraging  attitude?

Are you willing to fast and pray for our group?

2. Awkward “Nice To Meet You” Moments.

With new people comes new pressure to have those awkward times of getting to know someone. It's so easy to just gravitate towards the people you know instead of stepping out on a limb and loving someone who isn't like you. 

 Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and care for someone you don’t know?

Are you willing to ask someone new to coffee?

Are you willing to invite someone new into a conversation or a pre-service game your playing?

Are you willing to not view our service as just a “time to hangout” but a time to “be on mission?”

3. Bearing Blind People’s Burdens.

With new people comes new hurt and new areas of brokenness. The bible describes people that haven’t said yes to Jesus as blind. If I walked around in the dark, I’m sure I would hurt myself often and look like a mess. New people will bring into the group NEW PAIN. 

Are you willing to get messy on behalf of other people?

Are you willing to risk caring for someone even if they blow you off?

Are you willing to feel pain for someone else?

Are you ready to protect our group from people who are poison to our community?

4. Howling Haters.

With new people comes new haters. Jesus always had haters, people that weren’t sure about Him and felt more comfortable pointing fingers than lifting fingers to actually do anything.

Are you ready to be ridiculed?

Are you ready for people to gossip about you?

Are you ready for people to be jealous and choose to see the worst in you out of their own insecurity?

Are you ready for people to use you and try to manipulate you? 

5. Pride's Pitfall.

With new people comes a new sense of accomplishment. Having lots of people in the room can make us feel really important when in reality, drawing a crowd isn’t as important as helping the crowd TAKE STEPS towards Jesus. Discipleship is the REAL win and a crowd is the beginning of that. We want hundreds to say yes to Jesus AND be able to care for them as they run their race. And when it's going well it’s so easy to think that we did it instead of God.

Are you ready to battle pride?

Are you ready to wrestle with giving God glory instead of making ALIVE about you?

Are you willing to step out in places that only He can provide in?

Are you willing to obey the Lord’s voice instead of trying to please the crowd? 


I'm not contending for perfection but I'm calling for progress. 

What would our group look like "tomorrow" if we were really ready "today?"

I believe in you.