2 Timothy 2:4 says that, "No solider gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who entrusted Him."

Something that I am continuing to learn in walking with Jesus is often the places that I feel most trapped are actually the places where I am giving to much power to something or someone other than God. I am seeking to PLEASE someone else. 

For example, whenever I get an opportunity to speak I can have two different mindsets: one that brings fear and one that brings faith. One that puts the power in God's hand, seeking to please Him or one that puts power in the hands of the people in front of me, seeking to please them.

When I give God authority I find freedom because I know His promises about me don't change, that He is always seeking to provide abundant life, and His words to me are motivated from a place of love even when they feel heavy. 

But when I give people more authority than God, I can tend to open myself up to hurt coming from hurting people.  

So who's voice have you been giving power? Who have you been seeking to please? 

See many of you have been thinking that the person that is treating you wrongly needs to change and yet you are the one that needs to change: you need to stop giving the person power in your life. 

In the end you will stand for your life not what other people think about your life. 

What would your life look like it you began to find freedom in seeking to please "the one who has entrusted you" more than seeking to please someone else?